Jobsity in Action: Vanessa Romero, Head of Talent Acquisition

Written by Donna Kmetz
Jobsity in Action
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It’s International Women’s Month and our celebration continues with an interview with Vanessa Romero. She’s the Head of Talent Acquisition at Jobsity, having started in 2018 with a background in Psychology.  

When she joined, Jobsity was lacking full-time recruiters, so her first task was to establish recruitment processes. As Jobsity’s a direct staffing firm, talent acquisition is, naturally, crucial: it drives operations both within the company and for our clients. 

Vanessa's specialty set includes IT, so she’s able to understand both sides of the process. She also finds critical thinking and numerical intelligence extremely important for her role, as talent acquisition boils down to numbers and problem-solving. 

Jobsity’s greatest asset is its company culture. It’s what initially drew Vanessa and has kept her for all these years. Despite having opportunities at larger competitors, she’s always found Jobsity’s culture to be a better fit. 

What’s it Like to Work at Jobsity?

When it comes to daily life at Jobsity, Vanessa expresses immense gratitude for her fantastic team. There’s a certain rarity in finding such a talented and cohesive group and we’re lucky to have them all! 

Vanessa finds the most fulfillment in her work by being results-oriented. Seeing the positive impact of her solutions on the numbers is deeply satisfying for her.

Over her six-year tenure, she's seen substantial personal and professional development, underscoring the company's commitment to nurturing talent. However, she also acknowledges the importance of recognizing that not everyone is interested in pursuing leadership roles

Vanessa also appreciates the company's support during challenging times, including immigrating to another country. Jobsity’s inclusivity and understanding has allowed her to thrive while overcoming personal hurdles. 

While talking about the tech industry as a whole, she touches on the critical issue of diversity and inclusivity. Jobsity actively promotes gender diversity by providing opportunities for women interested in pursuing careers in technology. By hiring junior recruits and offering them opportunities to learn and grow, regardless of their initial tech knowledge, Jobsity helps create a more equitable and inclusive workforce.

Vanessa recently discussed the challenges of sustainable and equitable talent acquisition at Jobsity's March 2024 Webinar, How to Hire Top Talent. She explained the extensive hiring process necessary to secure excellent tech candidates. She also highlighted the need for organizations to offer an inclusive work culture, particularly when working with hires from diverse countries.

Though we’ve made significant strides, there’s still improvement ahead. Vanessa acknowledges the complexity of the issue and stresses the importance of awareness. We must keep taking small steps towards positive change. She believes that asking the right questions and implementing initiatives to address disparities can lead to progress over time.

Vanessa’s Future with Jobsity

Looking forward, Vanessa shared her goals for personal and professional growth. She plans to improve her skills in business intelligence tools like Power BI and Looker Studio. These will be useful in bringing more thorough analysis and numbers to the table. She’d also like to learn more about business, particularly in areas like finance and venture capital. 

On a personal level, Vanessa focuses on self-improvement, especially in communication within remote work environments like Slack. It can be hard to feel like a cohesive team while working remotely and tools like Slack allow teams to develop and maintain rapport.

Reflecting on her professional journey, she has advice for those who’d like to follow in her footsteps—in the form of kind words to her younger self. She’d tell “little Vanessa” to trust the process and understand the positive impact she makes in people's lives through her work in talent acquisition. She also mentions the importance of language proficiency, particularly English, in succeeding in the modern world. 

Vanessa encourages continuous learning and reassures others interested in tech careers that it's an enriching and rewarding path worth pursuing.

Thank you, Vanessa!

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Written by Donna Kmetz

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